tried searching but i guess im not sure what to look for or how to ask the question. I capture High def tv from a couple of sources OTA and qam digital cable(unencrypted).with my centrally located mythtv box. I have a couple networked media players (cat5e) i can access and watch recordings in high def all day long. what im trying to do is start a recording with my myth box and then access that recording right away(before its completed) say after its only been recording for 1 minute,so really it would be like a 1 minute tape delay. but no matter what i try it stops after the first min.i would like to watch the first part of the show while the rest is recording with out stopping until its done. the reason being is I have a high def ready big screen in my living room but it doesnt have the atsc tuner. so im trying to use my setup to watch a show almost live in high def and not wait until it finishes before i can start watching.thanx in advance for any help