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    hi guys, i need a little help here...

    do you know how to make KARAOKE VCD from LD KARAOKE ?
    I have the capture card already... but i cant seems to make the AUDIO L/R on the VCD... its either the song with singing or just the music... i want to make both...

    anyone can help ?
    what software should i use to make both AUDIO available on the VCD ?
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    Most probably, you just need to alter the settings for your capture card. If your LDs are like mine, then the vocals are on the left channel (for example), and the band is on the right. All you need to do is to make sure that you are truly recording in stereo, so that left and right channels are both processed. So, make sure that you have correctly selected stereo mode, and with the balance control centered (otherwise, you will lose one of the channels, of course).

    And of course, make sure that you are indeed using a true stereo cable to connect the LD player to the capture card.

    And if you are using the computer's own sound card to capture the audio separately, then just make sure you've set its parameters as described above.
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