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    Hello. I always used to use to make my vob files from a dvd source into avi files.

    Problem is , it takes FOREVER ! ! !

    I have to download:

    .net framework 2.0

    AVISYNTH 2.0



    Now, my question is, if I download the .net Framework 3.0, will that perhaps make it go faster ? ? ? ?

    It takes like 10 minutes to turn a 2 minute footage into a AVI file.

    Or am I using the wrong thing ? ? This was the only free software I could use when I started this.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.....Thanks!
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    .net 1, 2 and 3 are all separate beasts. A program written for .net 2 needs .net 2 and won't run with only .net 3

    You could try another program, such as SUPER, which might use lower quality settings to speed things up, but the only real answer to your speed problem is to replace your rather old computer with a newer dual or quad core model. I know it's not the answer you wanted to hear, but there is a limit to the improvements you can make with software alone.
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  3. Assuming you're using Xvid:

    If you are using 2-pass VBR mode but don't need your files to be a specific size, switch to single pass target quantizer (constant quality) mode. This will cut your encocing time in half. Try a quantizer of 3 for very good quality without too large a file size. Use 4 if you want smaller files, 2 if you want even higher quality.

    Don't turn the Xvid motion search precision settings all the way up. Use the quality preset "general purpose" instead. Going to the highest settings takes much longer to encode but delivers very little more quality (2-pass VBR) or smaller file sizes (1-pass target quantizer). We're talking on the order of 5 percent. This will cut your encoding time in half (or more) again.
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  4. Well there is more to speed than just CPU cycles. I have noticed MASSIVE speed differences between programs when ripping vob to sivx/xvid

    DrDivx 1.06 on a 1.7ghz celery can do just a wee faster than real time (90-95%) but on the same machine DVD FAB needs 250-300% real time!

    Super is great for problem files but its very slow (but pretty darned good at stubborn files)

    It would be nice if there was a "speed" ranking for conversion methods. AND some idea as to why some methods are faster than others.

    I would love to find a way to sacrifice quality for speed. at the bit rates I am using (1500kbps and higher) and the screens I am viewing on quality is not an issue

    I do not like .net if a problem needs that I move along.
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  5. On my Intel Q6600 CPU, using DgIndex, AviSynth and VirtualDub (a few minutes setup time) to convert a 720x480 23.976 fps, 100 minute VOB set to a 720x400 AVI file using Divx and Xvid in single pass constant quantizer mode with a quantizer of 3:

    Xvid (general purpose preset): 26.8 minutes, 743 MB
    Divx (balanced preset): 16.4 minutes, 886 MB AVI file

    About 137 MB of each file was AC3 audio.
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