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    I have a list of all the movies I need to put together to make a nice demo for the theater room in our office. Its completely THX certified and is really nice. I have nero and am trying to make a compilation of a few THX intros as well as some DTS and DD encoded tracks. I also want to make a menu that has a button that will play all the clips I tell it to play as well as a menu that I can choose chapter by chapter(so the kids don't see a gnarley war scenes). Ive read a million forums and got up to the point in nero to were I can burn everything but the DTS: NEO 6 encoder is not supported. I have the plugin but its still not allowing me to burn to DVD. If you have any thoughts or if you can help me with this I thank you in advance.

    -Blake Chancellor
    Redding HomeTech inc.
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  2. it's probably because dts neo6 isn't in the dvd specs. it is in an amplifier to convert a 2 ch. source to 5.1 or 6.1.

    it's not needed nor would add anything to a dvd that already had ac-3 5.1 or dts audio.
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