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  1. Heya folks, I'm having some trouble with VirtualDub.

    In fact, VirtualDub v1.5.3, v1.8.3 and VirtualDubMod v1.5.1. Usually they work like a charm for me, but I'm trying to open an Avi file encoded with Xvid, and I constantly get a Memory Access Violation error when I open the Video. I have a feeling there is no easy fix for this, and the DivxRepair program I came across in my travels presumably only works with DivX, and I think it relies on VirtualDub anyway to operate (Plugin as such).

    Basically I'm asking, is there any other Freeware Video Editing tools out there? I'm only looking to split the AVI file a few times into different segments. If you folks otherwise believe it can be remedied (the VirtualDub crash error), then here's the Crash Log from VirtualDub v1.8.3. I seem to have an Xvid Version dating 11.06.03 (D/M/Y) according to GSpot. The Xvid Official Homepage does not provide a ChangeLog for me to ID how old my Codec is, I thought updating this could help. Found a download though, but no idea how to install it (Just zipped up Files & Folders, no clearcut information on where to place it).

    Here's that Crash Log:

    VirtualDub crash report -- build 29896 (release)

    0160af40: 9f lahf
    0160af41: 53 push ebx
    0160af42: 41 inc ecx
    0160af43: 2d61acbf92 sub eax, 92bfac61
    0160af48: 9f lahf
    0160af49: 53 push ebx
    0160af4a: bfd29f53bf mov edi, bf539fd2
    0160af4f: 92 xchg eax, edx
    0160af50: 61 popad
    0160af51: ac lodsb
    0160af52: 41 inc ecx
    0160af53: 6d insd
    0160af54: 9f lahf
    0160af55: 53 push ebx
    0160af56: bfd2fc7354 mov edi, 5473fcd2
    0160af5b: 625462ee bound edx,[edx-12h]
    0160af5f: e8b3411217 call 1872f117
    0160af64: 048c add al, 8ch
    0160af66: 4d dec ebp
    0160af67: beb341048c mov esi, 8c0441b3
    0160af6c: 1217 adc dl, [edi]
    0160af6e: 4d dec ebp
    0160af6f: be12175462 mov esi, 62541712
    0160af74: 54 push esp
    0160af75: 62048c bound eax,[esp+ecx*4]
    0160af78: 42 inc edx
    0160af79: 4b dec ebx
    0160af7a: 54 push esp
    0160af7b: 62424b bound eax,[edx+4bh]
    0160af7e: ba28424bba mov edx, ba4b4228
    0160af83: 28beb4ac9d42 sub [esi+429dacb4], bh
    0160af89: 4b dec ebx
    0160af8a: 46 inc esi
    0160af8b: d7 xlatb
    0160af8c: 42 inc edx
    0160af8d: 4b dec ebx
    0160af8e: ac lodsb
    0160af8f: 9d popfd
    0160af90: beb4546242 mov esi, 426254b4
    0160af95: 4b dec ebx
    0160af96: 46 inc esi
    0160af97: d7 xlatb
    0160af98: 62687e bound ebp,[eax+7eh]
    0160af9b: 58 pop eax
    0160af9c: 7e58 jle 0160aff6
    0160af9e: 3deb213bc3 cmp eax, c33b21eb
    0160afa3: 149e adc al, 9eh
    0160afa5: 97 xchg eax, edi
    0160afa6: df db 0dfh
    0160afa7: c421 les esp, fword ptr [ecx]
    0160afa9: 3b9e97c314df cmp ebx, [esi-20eb3c69]
    0160afaf: c4c3 les eax, ebx
    0160afb1: 147e adc al, 7eh
    0160afb3: 58 pop eax
    0160afb4: 7e58 jle 0160b00e
    0160afb6: 9e sahf
    0160afb7: 97 xchg eax, edi
    0160afb8: 90 nop
    0160afb9: 90 nop
    0160afba: 90 nop
    0160afbb: 90 nop
    0160afbc: 90 nop
    0160afbd: 90 nop
    0160afbe: 90 nop
    0160afbf: 90 nop
    0160afc0: 8b442404 mov eax, [esp+04h] <-- FAULT
    0160afc4: 0f70404088 pshufw mm0, [eax+40h], 88h
    0160afc9: 0f6f1db8ae6001 movq mm3, [0160aeb8]
    0160afd0: 0f70484888 pshufw mm1, [eax+48h], 88h
    0160afd5: 0f6f25c0ae6001 movq mm4, [0160aec0]
    0160afdc: 0f705040dd pshufw mm2, [eax+40h], 0ddh
    0160afe1: 0f706848dd pshufw mm5, [eax+48h], 0ddh
    0160afe6: 0f6f35d8ae6001 movq mm6, [0160aed8]
    0160afed: 0ff5d8 pmaddwd mm3, mm0
    0160aff0: 0f6f3de0ae6001 movq mm7, [0160aee0]
    0160aff7: 0ff505c8ae6001 pmaddwd mm0, [0160aec8]
    0160affe: 0ff5e1 pmaddwd mm4, mm1
    0160b001: 0ff50dd0ae6001 pmaddwd mm1, [0160aed0]
    0160b008: 0ff5f2 pmaddwd mm6, mm2
    0160b00b: 0ff515e8ae6001 pmaddwd mm2, [0160aee8]
    0160b012: 0ff5fd pmaddwd mm7, mm5
    0160b015: 0ff52df0ae6001 pmaddwd mm5, [0160aef0]
    0160b01c: 0ffedc paddd mm3, mm4
    0160b01f: 0ffec1 paddd mm0, mm1
    0160b022: 0f70485888 pshufw mm1, [eax+58h], 88h
    0160b027: 0f6fe3 movq mm4, mm3
    0160b02a: 0ffef7 paddd mm6, mm7
    0160b02d: 0ffed5 paddd mm2, mm5
    0160b030: 0f70685088 pshufw mm5, [eax+50h], 88h
    0160b035: 0f6ff8 movq mm7, mm0
    0160b038: 0ffae6 psubd mm4, mm6
    0160b03b: 0ffef3 paddd mm6, mm3
    0160b03e: 0f db 0fh
    0160b03f: 6f outsd

    Built on Aegis on Sun Jul 20 01:54:45 2008 using compiler version 1400

    Windows 5.1 (Windows XP x86 build 2600) [Service Pack 2]

    EAX = 000001d0
    EBX = 00000000
    ECX = 0012eb00
    EDX = 0012ee80
    EBP = 0012f234
    ESI = 0012ee80
    EDI = 0012eb00
    ESP = 0012eac8
    EIP = 0160afc0
    EFLAGS = 00010202
    FPUCW = ffff027f
    FPUTW = ffffaaaa

    Crash reason: Access Violation

    Crash context:
    An out-of-bounds memory access (access violation) occurred in module 'xvid'...

    ...writing address 0160AFC0...

    ...while decompressing video frame 0 (VideoSource.cpp:2076)...

    ...while using input buffer at 00cb4fd0-00cd2025 (VideoSource.cpp:2075)...

    ...while using output buffer at 013b0080-01584c83 (VideoSource.cpp:2074).

    Pointer dumps:

    ECX 0012eb00: ffff001d 00030003 ffff0000 00000000 fffd0001 0000fffe 00000002 00000000
    EDX 0012ee80: ffe901d0 00370037 ffe90000 00000000 ffc90017 0000ffd9 00000027 00000000
    ESI 0012ee80: ffe901d0 00370037 ffe90000 00000000 ffc90017 0000ffd9 00000027 00000000
    EDI 0012eb00: ffff001d 00030003 ffff0000 00000000 fffd0001 0000fffe 00000002 00000000
    ESP 0012eac8: 0159dbcc 0012ee80 00d30000 00d30000 0012f634 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0012eae8: 00000cb0 00000098 00000000 00000001 00000000 00000000 ffff001d 00030003
    0012eb08: ffff0000 00000000 fffd0001 0000fffe 00000002 00000000 00000000 0001fffe
    0012eb28: 00000001 00000000 00010000 00000000 fffe0001 00000000 0003fffe fffd0003
    EBP 0012f230: 00000000 0012f2c0 015a745e 0012f46c 7c911414 7c911596 00000000 00000000
    0012f250: 0000003c 0012f2dc 00000008 00000020 00000000 00000000 0012f2dc 00000000
    0012f270: 011c2008 1fffffff 01f20040 ffffffe4 00000000 01f20040 00000003 011c1f40
    0012f290: 00000000 00000032 00000026 00000000 00000000 0012f328 0012f324 011c1f40

    Thread call stack:
    0159dbcc: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+33d8]
    7c90fb6c: ntdll!RtlNtStatusToDosError [7c900000+fb3d+2f]
    7c90fb71: ntdll!RtlNtStatusToDosError [7c900000+fb3d+34]
    7c90fb71: ntdll!RtlNtStatusToDosError [7c900000+fb3d+34]
    77dd6fb4: ADVAPI32!RegCloseKey [77dd0000+6bf0+3c4]
    1008be47: nview!NVQueryDesktopContextMenu [10000000+78810+13637]
    015fef17: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+64723]
    015dabb8: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+403c4]
    015d9100: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+3e90c]
    015d8ee9: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+3e6f5]
    7e41b6ee: USER32!GetWindowRect [7e410000+b6d4+1a]
    1008c1e0: nview!NVQueryDesktopContextMenu [10000000+78810+139d0]
    7c90fb71: ntdll!RtlNtStatusToDosError [7c900000+fb3d+34]
    7c911bff: ntdll!RtlInitializeCriticalSection [7c900000+11b2d+d2]
    7c919f5d: ntdll!RtlGetNtProductType [7c900000+19e26+137]
    7c90d4ea: ntdll!NtAllocateVirtualMemory [7c900000+d4de+c]
    7c9180ff: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c900000+179fd+702]
    7c911bff: ntdll!RtlInitializeCriticalSection [7c900000+11b2d+d2]
    7c91825d: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c900000+179fd+860]
    7c90d4ea: ntdll!NtAllocateVirtualMemory [7c900000+d4de+c]
    015a745e: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+cc6a]
    7c911414: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c900000+10a8f+985]
    7c911596: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c900000+10a8f+b07]
    0159b9f5: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+1201]
    0159c04e: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+185a]
    0159a03b: xvid!xvid_decore [01590000+a000+3b]
    01595e37: xvid!00005e37
    01599c08: xvid!DriverProc [01590000+99f8+210]
    7c9106eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c900000+105d4+117]
    7c9106eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c900000+105d4+117]
    015fe16f: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+6397b]
    015fe053: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+6385f]
    015fe066: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+63872]
    015fe053: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+6385f]
    015d7a2e: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+3d23a]
    015a1923: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+712f]
    0159b789: xvid!xvid_init [01590000+a7f4+f95]
    0159a01b: xvid!xvid_decore [01590000+a000+1b]
    01595bdf: xvid!00005bdf
    01599c41: xvid!DriverProc [01590000+99f8+249]
    7e418816: USER32!GetDC [7e410000+86c7+14f]
    7e41885a: USER32!GetDC [7e410000+86c7+193]
    7e41882a: USER32!GetDC [7e410000+86c7+163]
    7e41f896: USER32!CallNextHookEx [7e410000+f85b+3b]
    10071b3a: nview!PMLoadPresentation [10000000+49000+28b3a]
    7e41f84a: USER32!EnableMenuItem [7e410000+f787+c3]
    7e4563be: USER32!GetRawInputDeviceInfoW [7e410000+462f8+c6]
    7e41cf9e: USER32!EnumDisplayMonitors [7e410000+cf63+3b]
    7e41cfae: USER32!EnumDisplayMonitors [7e410000+cf63+4b]
    7c90eae3: ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher [7c900000+ead0+13]
    7e41c027: USER32!SetWindowPos [7e410000+c01b+c]
    00495c37: VDProjectUI::RepositionPanes()
    0049a532: VDProjectUI::MainWndProc()
    7e419488: USER32!GetWindowLongA [7e410000+945d+2b]
    00493b40: VDProjectUI::WndProc()
    004a2b3d: VDUIFrame::StaticWndProc()
    7c90d4ea: ntdll!NtAllocateVirtualMemory [7c900000+d4de+c]
    7c9180ff: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c900000+179fd+702]
    7c911bff: ntdll!RtlInitializeCriticalSection [7c900000+11b2d+d2]
    7c91825d: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c900000+179fd+860]
    7c911538: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c900000+10a8f+aa9]
    7c911596: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c900000+10a8f+b07]
    7c9106eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c900000+105d4+117]
    7e41f84a: USER32!EnableMenuItem [7e410000+f787+c3]
    7e4563be: USER32!GetRawInputDeviceInfoW [7e410000+462f8+c6]
    7e41b50c: USER32!DefWindowProcW [7e410000+b33c+1d0]
    7c90eae3: ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher [7c900000+ead0+13]
    7e41d598: USER32!DefWindowProcA [7e410000+d4ee+aa]
    7e41d545: USER32!DefWindowProcA [7e410000+d4ee+57]
    7c90e288: ntdll!NtReadFile [7c900000+e27c+c]
    7c801875: kernel32!ReadFile [7c800000+180e+67]
    7c801898: kernel32!ReadFile [7c800000+180e+8a]
    75a718a8: MSVFW32!ICSendMessage [75a70000+187d+2b]
    75a74c4d: MSVFW32!ICDecompress [75a70000+4c10+3d]
    0056a511: VDVideoDecompressorVCM:ecompressFrame()
    004cb813: VideoSourceAVI:treamGetFrame()
    00490f94: VDProject::UpdateFrame()
    004c9a77: VideoSource:treamSetDesiredFrame()
    00491b0d: VDProject:isplayFrame()
    0048e96e: VDProject::MoveToFrame()
    00493193: VDProject::Open()
    004ff26c: VDAutoLogger::VDAutoLogger()
    00497409: VDProjectUI::HandleDragDrop()
    7e423745: USER32!PrivateExtractIconExW [7e410000+13493+2b2]
    7e41f896: USER32!CallNextHookEx [7e410000+f85b+3b]
    74730e6c: MSCTF!TF_UninitSystem [74720000+10469+a03]
    74730e71: MSCTF!TF_UninitSystem [74720000+10469+a08]
    74730e71: MSCTF!TF_UninitSystem [74720000+10469+a08]
    7e41f84a: USER32!EnableMenuItem [7e410000+f787+c3]
    7e41f7f6: USER32!EnableMenuItem [7e410000+f787+6f]
    7e41f805: USER32!EnableMenuItem [7e410000+f787+7e]
    7e41f805: USER32!EnableMenuItem [7e410000+f787+7e]
    7e41f94b: USER32!CallNextHookEx [7e410000+f85b+f0]
    7e41f95b: USER32!CallNextHookEx [7e410000+f85b+100]
    7c90eae3: ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher [7c900000+ead0+13]
    7e43e175: USER32!User32InitializeImmEntryTable [7e410000+2d35d+e18]
    7e43e152: USER32!User32InitializeImmEntryTable [7e410000+2d35d+df5]
    100720e0: nview!PMLoadPresentation [10000000+49000+290e0]
    00493b40: VDProjectUI::WndProc()
    004a2b3d: VDUIFrame::StaticWndProc()

    -- End of report
    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    EDIT: Found a solution of sorts, as I'm upping it to YouTube I'm dropping the Resolution to 640x480 using Super. It seems to be taking it fine, and recoding the Video as Mpeg II. THEN I can use VirtualDub on the new file, and Direct Stream Copy segments without losing further Video Quality loss. Just mixing it round a bit >_< I guess a solution is no longer necessary, as the Video that's giving me trouble was recorded with Snaggit, from now on I'll output with something else, DivX or something. Apparently one of the H.264 jobbies is the "leading" Compression codec now? Perhaps I should look into that...
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  3. Crash context:
    An out-of-bounds memory access (access violation) occurred in module 'xvid'...
    It's Xvid that's crashing, not VirtualDub. Try using a different Xvid decoder.
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  4. Hey, thanks for the replies Jagabo & Hech54, it turns out I mistrusted Super in one aspect: Good Quality results from the Resolution change. Gonna try Jagabo's suggestion first, as it sounds simple enough, will look into this tomorrow though, as it's been a long day for me ~_~ Wish me luck, heh, somehow I need to change the default Codecs... I'm sure there's an article on these matters in this site

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: You my friends, are the friggin' MASTERS! Did a bit of googling, found this in good time:
    Explains how to change the Default drivers, I have no idea how old "xvid.dll" is, the default marked up for use (presumably in C:/Windows/Drivers or where-ever they store Codecs now). Changing it to the LibAVCodec in my FDD Show folder has solved it though! Thanks again folks!
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  5. Rather then start a new thread, I thought it might be best to post in my existing thread, it sort of leads on from it anyway.

    Okay, rather then just trying to terribly explain what's happening, I drew up a diagram of sorts, as pictures are worth a thousand words. If only Yamb would work, everything would be great, and I could finally get the best results for my Video's on YouTube.

    I could indeed upload the SnagIt files straight off, but they are massive (since it's Hi-quality Video, AND uncompressed Audio). One could argue I could use VirtualDub with the files, compress the Audio to Mp3, and process the Video into a Lower Bitrate (x264 still) with Resize Filters applied, but the results aren't quite as good as MeGUI's Lanczos filter (much more crisp finish). Not to mention, the MeGUI results (once muxed into MKV), is smaller in file size then the VirtualDub AVI result.

    Therefore, the question is: Is there any solutions for this Yamb issue (failing to output anything), or is there an alternative Multiplexing Program to mix Mp4/MKV and Ac3/Mp3 into a suitable container YouTube accepts? (AVI/FLV/MOV/MPG/MP4/WMV) Yes, MeGUI fails to support any of these with it's Muxing Tools :/

    Thanks for your further help!

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  6. ooooh purty diagram

    AC3 is not compatible in the .mp4 container.

    Use AAC or MP3 in .mp4 container (not sure if YouTube accepts these)

    YouTube also re-encodes everything beyond a certain bitrate (or at least used to), so you are probably wasting your time anyway. You can look at the 100+page thread on YouTube "quality" parameters here on Videohelp
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  7. Originally Posted by poisondeathray
    AC3 is not compatible in the .mp4 container.
    Yeah, I couldn't highlight it, so I used Goldwave to Batch convert the AVI's audio into Mp3's. Using those, I got this problem of no output files. After some googling, it's a common problem (lot's of thread on some Doom9 site), a lot of them varied, only solution I saw out of them all was "Reduce filename length", which doesn't apply to me at all :/

    Originally Posted by poisondeathray
    YouTube also re-encodes everything beyond a certain bitrate (or at least used to), so you are probably wasting your time anyway.
    lol, I was afraid of this. In that case... stick with my VirtualDub method I guess. Once I learn how to Batch Queue jobs with it, I can convert several clips no problem. Thanks

    Originally Posted by poisondeathray
    You can look at the 100+page thread on YouTube "quality" parameters here on Videohelp
    I think I read a fraction of that the other day, something about Hacks and playing with Hex code to fool YouTube into not re-encoding (I saw the 300 Trailor, brilliant quality!)

    Thanks for your thoughts, I guess I am overkilling it really. At least the MeGUI method; outputting to MKV's and all is great for record keeping. Keep the Game Recordings on my machine in a well compressed, but hi-quality format - wish I had found x264 sooner! XD
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