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  1. I just want to author and I followed some guides here

    but I didn't expect that it would take a long time for only authoring (( it took about 1:50:00 ))
    but when I use sub2divx or avisub it takes only 10 min.

    if I have a xvid or divx movie and want to add subs to it and maybe customize the black borders (( make it less to view it in a full screen TV )) what can I do ? What tool do I use ?

    I used sub2divx it was perfect but in some movies the subs goes in the center of the screen (( not in the bottom ))
    is the problem related to the full screen TV or maybe because of adding the black borders when the movie is displayed on TV ?
    when I watch the Divx file using Divx Player (( without Black Borders )) the subs are fine but when I watch it on TV (( Full screen with black borders )) the subs will be shown in the center !!!

    Then I used Tmpg divx Author which doesnt import subs with my language. but it supports avisynth so I can customize the black borders.
    I use PS3 and TVersity to watch movies .

    Thanks for the help ....

    EDIT :
    maybe these screenshots would help :
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  2. any help please ?
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    If you add borders or use avisynth you will force re-encoding. If you want permanent subtitles (rather than embedded subs) then you will force a re-encode. There have been a lot of issues with the time taken by Tmgenc Divx Author, but no confirmation on if it is re-encoding, or just incredibly slow at muxing.

    Divx Labs has an on-line authoring tool that might be worth a look.
    Read my blog here.
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  4. ok. thanks for the help gunslinger ..

    but what about sub2divx ?
    in SOME movies the subtitles goes in the center of the screen (( I have full screen TV ))
    what's the problem ?
    I just want them in the bottom

    I use subtitlecreator to create SUB/IDX subs with the same usual settings !!

    and is there any way to make tmpg divx author to directly copy the audio at least instead of reencoding it ?
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