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    I can't get started with ffmpegX because I can install mpeg2enc using the installer that activates with the app.

    I get this message...

    The installation was not successful.

    WARNING: Improper use of the sudo command could lead to data loss
    or the deletion of important system files. Please double-check your
    typing when using sudo. Type "man sudo" for more information.

    To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl-C to abort.



    There isn't actually a place to enter a password there, but even if there was, I don't use a password (i.e. my password is nonexistent).
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    OK... that got mpeg2enc installed.

    I can preview my movie with the added subtitles fine, but when I Encode, the process ends almost immediately with this from the Info link...

    /bin/sh: /Library/Application Support/ffmpegX/mpeg2enc: Malformed Mach-o file
    Wed Jul 23 14:13:14 EDT 2008
    INFO: [yuvscaler] yuvscaler 1.9.0 (15-02-2004) is a general scaling utility for yuv frames
    INFO: [yuvscaler] (C) 2001-2004 Xavier Biquard <>, yuvscaler -h for help, or man yuvscaler
    Copyright 2002-2006 Johan Lindström
    All rights reserved..
    ++ WARN: [yuvscaler] Could not infer norm (PAL/SECAM or NTSC) from input data (frame size=720x480, frame rate=24000:1001 fps)!!
    INFO: [yuvscaler] input: frame size: 720x480 pixels (518400 bytes)
    INFO: [yuvscaler] input: chroma: 4:2:0 JPEG/MPEG-1 (interstitial)
    INFO: [yuvscaler] input: frame rate: 24000/1001 fps (~23.976024)
    INFO: [yuvscaler] input: interlace: none/progressive
    INFO: [yuvscaler] input: sample aspect ratio: 1:1
    INFO: [yuvscaler] from 720x480, take 720x480+0+0, NOT_INTERLACED/PROGRESSIVE
    INFO: [yuvscaler] scale to 720x480, 720x480 being displayed
    INFO: [yuvscaler] Scaling uses the RESAMPLE algorithm,
    INFO: [yuvscaler] frame rate: 23.976 fps
    INFO: [yuvscaler] Scaling ratio for width is 1 to 1
    INFO: [yuvscaler] and is 1 to 1 for height
    INFO: [yuvscaler] Specific downscaling routing number 4


    Where to from here? Clearly the Movie.DVD directory has not formed with any contents.
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    Originally Posted by cpwhaley
    /bin/sh: /Library/Application Support/ffmpegX/mpeg2enc: Malformed Mach-o file
    This error says your mpeg2enc file is no good (malformed). Try downloading and installing that binary again.
    Alternatively, try this zipped copy, as .zip files cause less confusion (for both users and browsers).
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