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  1. I had a quick question. I just bought myself the latest LG Blu-ray burner, and a bunch of single layer BD-R's.

    I have on my computer a bunch of PS3 compliant AVCHD discs. I was wondering if there was any way/program that would allow me to take the M2TS files, after I extract them with tsmuxer, and re-author them into a blu-ray disc together. The files are all 1920/1080 and are encoded for playback on the PS3 so I cant imagine why it would not work. I just dont want to waste a $10 BD-R doing the wrong thing.

    Any Help would be appreciated.

    Btw- I'm not looking for anything fancy like menus, just one title after the other would do fine. And, I dont wish to just put the M2TS's in a data formated BD-R, I want it to be in the BDMV format.

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    If you do not care about menu etc, you could do this:

    Use NERO Burning ROM DVD-ROM(UDF) choice, use the UDF tab to select UDF2.50

    then simply drag all the xxxx.m2ts files to the compilation pane
    and burn it.

    Please try this test first using a DVD+R or some inexpensive disc before you do try BD-R so
    you do not end up wasting the expensive BD-R.

    I think it should do the job.
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  3. I understand I can do that. Thats why I specifically said, is there a way to accomplish this, *not* merely making a data Blu-ray compilation. I wish to make a compliant BDMV, not just a data disc with a bunch of M2TS files on it.

    Thanks, but, Anyone else?
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