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    I have a Sony HCR HC5 camcorder with miniDV tape.
    I have recorded some video in HD to the tape and I was successfull in transfer (capture) the video to the PC with Nero8.
    I have no PS3 or BD Player but I have the Toshiba HD DVD A2 Player.
    I would like to do DVD and DVD DL discs with HD content to be played in the A2 Player.
    Now my question:
    Is there softs to do that.
    Better a single soft instead of a couple of softs. But if not can be a couple of softs.
    I was already successfull in doing an AVC HD DVD Disc and played it in the PS3 or Panasonic BD Player of My Brother with the Nero8 Pack.
    But I could do nothing for HD DVD Players.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 with a plugin can produce HD DVD discs that my Toshiba AD-30 can play. There was also a version of Scenarist that could produce HD DVDs that Toshiba HD DVD players will play. Scenarist is very expensive and very difficult for inexperienced users to use. Ulead is cheap.

    One bad thing about Ulead is that it will re-encode your video unless it is exactly 1920x1080. You don't want that to happen. I was told that a Ulead patch allows 1280x720 video, but I can't confirm that. If Ulead re-encodes your video, the end result will not be good.

    HD DVD is dead. I would not advise spending a lot of time and money learning to make discs that your Toshiba player will play. I'm going to move to BluRay in the near future.
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