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    I'm trying to convert some anime in MKV format to play on my PS3, with mkv2vob. but it won't let me. It says Unsupported audio codec: VORBIS. Does anyboy know how I can fix this problem? If so, Please help me out. If not, is there any other converting software that can convert mkv to ps3, that'll let me set the subtitles and audio to english? I thought I found the perfect program with mkv2vob. I hope this is a small and fixable problem.
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    You may be able to open them with VirtualDub Mod. If so, you should be able to convert the Ogg audio to a different format and continue with the MKV conversion. Ogg can have several audio tracks so not all programs accept them. You may need to install OGG DirectShow Filter / OggDS / OGM Codec

    For more info on Ogg and OGM, see:

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Another option is to use avidemux which natively supports .mkv and vorbis.

    You could direct stream copy the video and encode the audio to something more common like mp3 or AC3, and then use that as input for mkv2vob

    When preparing your input to mkv2vob, you can use mkvmergegui to select the stuff you want to keep or eliminate in the .mkv( e.g. audio tracks, subtitles etc...) That ensures that you have English, for example.

    Yet another option is to demux the vorbis track using mkvextractgui, convert it to mp3 or AC3 with a simple audio converter like belight, then add the new audio to the .mkv with mkvmergegui (only keeping the english parts), then putting that into mkv2vob

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