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    I am trying to edit a x264/AVC encoded video in a matroska file. I tried to use both VirtualDubMod and VirtualDub (latest versions) to open the .mkv but it failed to open, throwing me an error "Couldn't locate decompressor for format '' (unknown)". I also have the latest versions of ffdshow and x264 installed (and they are present in VDubMod's codec list).

    Upon browsing through similar topics, it is said that VDubMod's mkv support is broken and it is impossible to use it to open x264/AVC videos. So I used mkvextract to demux the MKV file and then AVC2AVI to mux the h264 to AVI and finally open it with VirtualDub - and it worked.

    But I still have a problem: I am trying to cut certain parts of the video and use direct stream copying instead of re-processing it (which would take much longer and decrease quality) and while I am able to do that when the segment includes the beginning of the video, I can't extract pieces in the middle of the file.

    So, my question is, what should I use to extract certain portions of a x264/avc video using direct stream copying?

    Thanks for reading
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    Try instead avidemux.
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