I have had my Panasonic DMR-EZ17 since last December and haven't seen this problem before. I recorded, using the "flexible record" feature set to 1&1/2 hrs, the length of the content on the source VHS. On playback I noticed a color image that had shifted slightly from a scene that I had stopped playback on but didn't think anything of it. Turns out there is a green vertical bar on the left and a purple vertical bar on the right throughout the ENTIRE DVD. The source, a VHS that has B&W film transferred onto it back in the late 80s does not show these bars. The Panasonic created it or the disc, a Maxel with a gold surface.

Can anyone tell me why this happened?



a few minutes later: I'm thinking it may be the cable I ran between the VCR and the DVD recorder. It's a slightly different quality than my usual RCA cables... I don't record VCR to DVD recorder very often...