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    In this guide I'll show you how to create a nice looking DVD. First of all you need some freeware programs and ofcourse your .avi files which you want to burn to a DVD.

    required programs:

    Avisynth - program which makes it abel to use the Avisynth language (FitCD)
    (GSpot) - to see information about your .avi (audio/video and more)
    GUI for dvdauthor
    (MediaPlayerClassic) - If you want to be abel to "Show your DVD" in GUI for dvdauthor
    (InfranView) - If you want to create your own .GIF files in GUI for dvdauthor more about .GIF creation at:

    if you want subtitles in your movies then you'll also need:


    IMPORTANT!!! all the subtitles creation steps are marked in red so if you don't have any subtitles/don't want to have subtitles in you DVD-project just don't care about the red marked steps!!!

    When I start to create a DVD I always begin with finding the subtitles I want (I have always three of them; Swedish, Polish and English). I make a folder where I got my .avi file and of all my subtitles files.

    If your subtitles and your movie aren't synhronised use TimeAdjuster.

    1. Synhronise subtitles with TimeAdjuster

    Open TimeAdjuster and open your subtitles

    Synhronise your subtitle

    Then you are done with synhornising your subtitles. You can check if they are perfect synhronised when you open your movie togheter with them in (for example) VLC Player.

    2. Convert your subtitles to .sup

    Open up SubtitleCreator and open your (first) subtitle

    3. Create a .avs file to your .avi file

    Open up FitCD and input your movie

    Save your .avs file (in same folder)

    4. Convert your .avi to .mpg

    Open up HCEnc and input your .avs file

    Choose your .mpg output direction (and your .log file direction)

    Wait while your .avi converts to .mpg this may take several minutes. While waiting you can begin on step 5 and 6:

    When your .mpg is done converting just exit HCEnc:

    5. Save your audio from your .avi.

    Open up VirtualDubMod and open your .avs file. IMPORTANT: NOT THE .AVI FILE!!

    Save your audio as .wav.

    6. Convert your .wav (your video audio) to .ac3

    Open up ffmpeggui, input your .wav file and output your .ac3 file.

    7. Now we have reached the fun part of I'll show you how to design your DVD-menus

    Open up GUI for dvdauthor

    I won't go in on details in GUI for dvdauthor. For more help with this program please read this really good guides. Good luck!

    7. While your DVD-project is done there could be some color fault with your subtitle color here is how you can change it:

    Open up DVDSubEdit and import your .vob files.

    This is how I make my DVD, I hope this will help some of you please give me feedback as well!


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    hi, i only use convertxtodvd program, and it does everything..
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    thanks for respoding!

    yeah but then you cannot make as complicated menus as it's possible in Gui for Dvdauthor?


    take a look at my DVD-authoring guide :)
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  4. Very nice guide. Dunno why so little comments...

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