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  1. Hi

    My processor is a core duo T2300 so it should be able to run 2 threads.

    I am using 3GP Converter as my GUI. I want to convert movie files to "PMP" format, so I can play it on PMPMod, a homebrew application on my PSP. PMP is Xvid with Mp3 sound, then muxed using PMPmuxer.

    The current command lines for FFMpeg look like:

    ""<%AppPath%>\cores\ffmpeg" -threads 2 -y -i "<%InputFile%>" -bitexact -acodec mp3 -ac 2 -ar 44100 -ab 96 -f mp3 "<%TemporaryFile%>.mp3" -vcodec xvid -s 368x208 -r 25 -b 700 -an -f avi "<%TemporaryFile%>.avi""

    ""<%AppPath%>\cores\pmp_muxer" "<%TemporaryFile%>.avi" "<%TemporaryFile%>.mp3" "<%OutputFile%>.pmp""

    "rm "<%TemporaryFile%>.avi""

    "rm "<%TemporaryFile%>.mp3""

    It works fine, except always only at 50% CPU.

    I gather this is due to the old version of FFMpeg bundled with 3GP Converter, if I substitute the new version, I get a problem saying: "Unable to find a suitable output format for 'mp3'"

    I'd appreciate help to be able to run it at 100% CPU.

    A VERY old noob
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  2. This is my new batch:

    I don't think this is using Xvid though, since I specified mpeg4 as the format. How do I change it to Xvid? using "-vcodec xvid" doesn't work when I use the FFMpeg that is capable of 2 threads.

    Command0=""<%AppPath%>\cores\ffmpeg" -threads 2 -y -i "<%InputFile%>" -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab 96k -ar 44100 "<%TemporaryFile%>.mp3" -vcodec mpeg4 -s 368x208 -r 25 -b 700k -an -f avi "<%TemporaryFile%>.avi""

    Command1=""<%AppPath%>\cores\pmp_muxer" "<%TemporaryFile%>.avi" "<%TemporaryFile%>.mp3" "<%OutputFile%>.pmp""

    Command2="rm "<%TemporaryFile%>.avi""

    Command3="rm "<%TemporaryFile%>.mp3""
    A VERY old noob
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    Use -vcodec libxvid
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  4. Thank you!!
    A VERY old noob
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