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  1. Was wondering if any Open Source programs are supporting Blu-ray yet. Has anyone been able to successfully author a Blu-ray disk using Open Source programs? I noticed cdrecord mentions support for Blu-ray. Anyone try it to write Blu-ray disks yet? Are there any other Open Source programs supporting or working on supporting Blu-ray?

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    tsremux can supposedly mux very primitive BluRay discs (primitive meaning no menus), but as I don't have a BluRay player, I have no way to test it. I don't know if that program is Open Source or not. It's certainly freeware though.

    You might not focus on Open Source and instead focus on Freeware. Many video programs are freely available but their source code is reserved by their authors and not available to the public. But anyway, BluRay programs are still in their infancy.
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  3. The one very nice feature about Open Source software is that as a programmer, I can go in and modify or fix code myself. Hence, I'm more interested in finding Open Source software solutions over simply free ones. I hope as some Open Source alternatives come out, someone will mention them on this forum or in the tools section.

    The Blu-ray writers (hardware) are certainly starting to show up. Plextor has a unit and you can get a writer with some Vaio models. Am hoping more software will be available soon.
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