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    I recently had issues with a Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H based HTPC where I would lose video signal but the unit would stay powered on. I think it may be a result of an overheated Northbridge. In any case, I'm RMA'ing the board and have ordered an Asus M2A-VM HDMI, largely because it uses the same chipset.

    Do you think I will have any issues or problems by swapping a GA-MA69GM-S2H for the M2A-VM HDMI board?
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    As long as they are the same form factor you should have no problems.
    Same chipset or not...XP will search for new drivers if it needs them, just don't force it to use the drivers you think are right ..if it says they are not.

    Note: I had a simular board (may be the same but I can't rem model number) that would randomly go dark, fans and all still running, but no video and no response (sound, ect..) almost like it was going into some suspend or power saving mode.
    I had let the person who was to use the PC install the operating sytem and programs ( he seemed inteligent enough) well after that happened I expected some type of driver conflict, or that he had enabled some wierd I sugested he reinstall OS. Same thing happened again.

    Long story short: I formated drive and reinstalled OS myself and it has not done it once since?? Don't know what he was doing but it was messing with some thing vital.
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