Okay here's what I am thinking about -

I wanted a Nokia S60 based phone because I like the features.

But it seams Webguide4 works best on an Media Center (XP or Vista) based PC (which I have) and is easier to setup than Orb.

Webguide4 only works with Windows based phones however (content streaming) but the selection currently is very lacking in terms of overall size. I am using a Moto Rokr E6 phone and its thinner and smaller than the IPhone.

If I have to get a Windows based phone, I recently switched over to T-Mobile because I was tired of my high voice/internet bill ($90+ after taxes), I would go with the T-Mobile Shadow which has Wifi, my Rokr doesn't.

Seems to me a Shadow + Webguide4 + Cheap $20 PDA Connect from T-Mobile might be ideal.

If I can get Orb 2.0 to work with my ATI TV Wonder 650 PCI, I could use any phone I want and I REALLY want a N78 if I go back to AT&T (3G) or might keep my Rokr for awhile and just wait for the market to adjust to T-Mobile's 3G service.

Any opinions?