Im shopping for a portable DVD Player and Im between the Philips DCP855 and the LG , leaning more towards the Philips one.

My main interest in this portable DVD Player is the DivX capability, so i as i CANT test the device before purchasing, I would like to ask if anyone has any info on how goodthis specific model handles DivX and Xvid compressed Avi files, specially loading from the SD-HC card.

Here are some questions id like to find an answer:

1- can it play Xvid and DivX v3 compressed versions as well as the "main" DivX ones??

2- can it handle (multiple) subtitles (.srt) files for the DivX like the standalone players can?

3- can it handle SD-HC 8gb cards??

4- can it load the divx/xvid files directly from the SD-HC card??

Anyone has any info concerning this issues?