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    I have been streaming avi movie files to my xbox 360 but only get stereo. the xbox 360 can stream avi files with 5.1 audio but it depends on how the movie is converted. I found this free program called Autogk that can convert DVD's (retail or not) into xvid avi with the 5.1 audio.

    heres a 20 second sample video with 5.1 audio (download here 13mb) you can try streaming to your xbox 360 using windows media player 11 (make sure library sharing is enabled in settings and xbox 360 is set to allowed)

    You have to rip DVD, Convert the DVD to avi, and finally stream video to xbox 360.

    Ripping DVD

    first you have to rip DVD main movie files to your PC's HDD with DVD decrypter (download here). ripping the DVD's main movie files will give you vob files and an IFO file in a Video_TS folder

    1. install then run dvd decrypter, insert dvd in PC drive, press the 'I' key (this will bring you to IFO mode). it will look like this:

    2. in the pic above you will see a box with cells that are checked. in this pic there are 7 cells. the first 6 cells are 0.15 seconds. the last cell is 4 min. uncheck all the cells that are 0.15 sec. anything lower than a 1 second should be unchecked (this solves the audio out of sync problems).

    3. choose your destination or remember the destination folder

    4. also change the settings by clicking on tools-->settings-->IFO mode tab and make sure file splitting is set to NONE, check 'include PGC number' and check 'include ANGLE number'

    5. Now start the DVD rip by clicking on the DECRYPT button (the dvd and HDD with a green play icon between them). this will take 15-20 minutes. a VTS****.IFO, VTS****.vob and VTS****.txt file will be created in the destination folder.

    Converting the DVD

    uisng AutoGK [s:a36dfd9b3a]ver 2.45[/s:a36dfd9b3a] updated: use ver 2.55 (has audio fix) or the latest stable (full package) version (download here) , convert the vob file into avi. (note: there is no need to install K-lite mega pack or any other codecs like the download link says. my videos converted successfully without the mega pack, autogk installs its own needed codecs)

    1. uninstall all codec packs, xvid codecs, divx codecs before you install autogk

    2. install autogk first.

    3. Then install ffdshow-tryouts (go here --> to download latest stable build...i downloaded beta 6.) You will know if you forgot to install ffdshow if media player classic cant playback the preview.

    4. start autogk

    step 1 - For Input File, provide the path to the destination folder of the DVD ripped previously, choose the VTS****.IFO file. Now choose the Output File, you can choose the default folder or choose another folder, type the name of the movie and click save.
    step 2 - The Audio track dialog box should have the AC3 6ch audio track checked. There may be other tracks for commentary or other languages. Be sure you checked the AC3 stream with language you want. (ac3 6ch is 5.1 audio, ac3 2ch is stereo)

    step 3 - Selecting Output size
    For streaming to the xbox 360 you want one file. Updated: use "predefined size - 1 CD (700mb)" or use "target quality (in percentage) = 75%" which is faster and has better quality audio and video but will give you 1.46 gb file.

    [s:a36dfd9b3a]So use the custom size option. set the value to 1953[/s:a36dfd9b3a]
    [s:a36dfd9b3a]note: make sure converted file does not exceed 2 gb (so 1953 should be the max value)[/s:a36dfd9b3a]

    step 4 - click the Advanced settings
    choose fixed width, set to 720 (the DVD resolution is 720 x 480)
    for the output audio type choose Original (AC3/DTS/MPA only) for the 5.1 audio track.
    codec set to xvid
    press ctrl-F11 (hidden advanced audio options), click enable advanced audio options, tick original for all

    before step 5 you can press PREVIEW to see if there are any audio sync problems. this takes 5-10 minutes to see what the conversion will look like instead of waiting 2-3 hours for the actual conversion. I always press PREVIEW first to check for sync problems or subtitle problems.

    step 5 - click add job, click start. in 2-3 hours avi with 5.1 sound will be ready

    Streaming your avi files to xbxox 360 using windows media player 11

    make sure you have windows media player 11 installed,

    1. configure sharing ( click on tools -> options -> library -> configure sharing -> share my media to -> xbox 360 (console should be on for detection) set to allowed)

    2. move your new avi file to My videos folder. Video should be automatically added to you library

    3. turn on xbox 360. in the dashboard go to media blade -> video. press x button to change video source. choose your computer. open my videos folder. play your avi file with 5.1 audio

    __________________________________________________ _____

    If you notice the audio is not as loud as the original, which is what I was experienced with my conversions at first, use ac3filter 1.46 (download here).

    1. install and start ac3filter config.

    2. change the following
    MAIN tab -
    OUtput format: AS IS(No change), PCM 16 bit
    MIXER tab -
    uncheck everything except BASS REDIRECTION, cutoff frequency set to 120
    mixing matrix should look like this in the pic below:

    3. go back to main tab, in the preset type 'dvd rip' and click save. click apply. close ac3 filter.

    The next time you convert your next DVD to avi, the audio of the avi will sound as loud as DVD.
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    Nice guide. It would likely be better read in our User Guide forum. Moving you.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    I made some changes to the guide. I was wrong to use fixed width=848 for the output resolution settings. Please use fixed width=720 instead. This will preserve the DVD resolution and conversion time will be faster. I will edit the guide now.
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    Nice guide. I had real problem with getting low volume on converting to DivX. Your guide had the answer.
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    I just got a new laptop and followed my own guide.

    i couldn't get the preview to playback...i got it to playback by installing ffdshow-tryouts beta 6...go here to download it at sourceforge -->

    i edited the guide again. hope this helps anyone who is following my guide.

    i will try the new version of autogk...2.55 and see if the audio problem is fixed...


    well i tried converting a movie using "predefined size 1 CD (700mb)" ---it converted successfully.

    It took 3 hrs 30 minutes only using a samsung nc10 netbook.

    Sound was great...bass was also perfect.

    I think this new version 2.55 of autogk fixed the audio glitch.

    This is perfect for my netbook which has no dvd burner drive and i can just stream to xbox 360 and preserving the 5.1 audio.

    I will edit the guide and use the predefined size of 1 CD (700mb)

    UPDATE 2:

    the 700 mb file of "cloverfield" sounded excellent. the bass is more volume glitch for this version of suto gk 2.55. My buttkicker was really kicking hehe.

    trying out the "target quality(in percentage)=75%" - looks like its giving me a 1.46 gb file.

    i will test the sound quality as well as the video quality.

    it only does a first pass...its on 90% and its been 2 hours. it seems faster so maybe i will do this technique...i will edit the guide again.

    heres a 20second sample -
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    Great guide, however some of the movies that I've ripped don't transition well to stereo. Is this just how it is? Do you either create a 5.1 sound movie or a stereo movie? My surround sound is hooked up to my xbox, but i only have stereo speakers on my computer and when I play the movie, I'm just hearing only two of the tracks. It seems like the dialogue is one of the main tracks i'm missing. Is there a solution to this, or should I just create two different files.
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  7. You know how you want to do something and spend a weekend Googling for it and then you end up on many different webpages. This was my top result, however, the solution didn't work for me (AutoGK returned with errors). So, instead of being a jerk and just keep the knowledge to myself I thought I'd help out if someone else ends up here.

    Step one: Rip the dvd as described with dvd decrypter

    Step two: Download and install XviD4PSP 5

    Step three: Start Xvid4PSP and select the directory where your VOB file is

    Step four: Don't use the ready made settings, go into the video "encoding" settings and set these as I have them:





    You can save the settings with the "+" button as I did (I named it "Xbox 360")

    If you want to keep a great resolution then use this in the resolution settings:

    This will not make a humongous file. A one hour episode will be around 1,5 Gigs.

    After this go into the audio encoding settings. You have to use COPY to get the surround sound:

    After this, just start the encoding.

    I hope this helps.
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    to the above post. very very nice post very helpful works great. this world needs more people like you
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