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    im chatting with my sister on my mac on a video chat.. and i was wondering how i can add a third person to the video chat. give me good easy directions, thanks!
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    From your Mac OS X Help File:

    Originally Posted by mac help
    To use iChat to videoconference, you must have a .Mac account, America Online (AOL) account, or AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account (one of which is required for iChat), and a broadband Internet connection or a local area network (LAN). You can’t use a dial-up Internet connection.

    To start a videoconference:

    1. Open iChat.

    2. Click the Camera button next to a buddy in your buddy list.

    To start a videoconference with more than one buddy, hold down the Command key while you select the buddies you want to invite.

    The green indicator light lets you know you are displaying video. Clicking the Camera button sends an invitation to your buddy to accept your video request and lets you preview how you look on camera. When a buddy accepts your invitation, you can see the buddy on your screen and you appear on your buddy’s screen.
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