I am COMPLETELY amateur, but please advise. I am using the above mentioned software to create somewhat large slideshows. I am running into problems when I try to create the DVD

Okay here is what I can describe.

The output format is "DVD Video Disc"

The Burner Settings are: "DDVD+-RW TS-L632D DVD+-RW)" with the built in burn engine, CD volume "DSB"

The save to computer settings are(driving me crazy): Generate image file - which I cannot get to the correct project name at all - and Generate DVD file - which I am able to choose the correct project in this field. . .

When I click create, it ALWAYS says that there is not enough disk space. The two slide shows combined are about 110 minutes and I'm trying to burn it to a 4.7, 120min DVD.

Please ask me some more questions if I haven't given you information that is critical. . . I have no idea what to do. I have more than 25 hours into these damn slide shows and DO NOT want to delete them all and start over for Pete's sake. What started this whole thing was my misunderstanding the functionality of the program. I thought that I could just keep creating slideshows and at some future date save the ones I wanted to be on each individual DVD, however, once I was on the 10th slideshow, I decided to start burning some DVD's for my family. . . PROBLEM, the program does not allow me to save each individual slideshow - but only the GROUP of slideshows. So the only way I could figure around this was to save the HUGE project, then open it again and delete all but the two slide shows I mentioned before...But it's not working and I'm not sure why.

Thank you for any help.