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    I want to be able to import several videos (avi) into a program and then have it randomly sample a few
    seconds from each file randomly to create a single avi clip with snippits from each file.

    Kinda like a video montage but totally random capturing across all video files.

    anyone know of a app that can do this ?

    i can do this manually with my video software, but getting lazy and wanna find a prog that could do it

    yes ive tried google, kinda difficult to explain it in the search bar though

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    My app can pick a random video then a random start point. Play for a few seconds then another...

    The latest video feature is a "creep along" mode where the same segment plays multiple times.

    start play at 10.02 play for 1/10 second ie to 10.12
    then creep ahead to 10.04 play for 1/10 second to 10.14
    then creep ahead to 10.06 play for 1/10 second to 10.16
    You'll see detail that was not easily seen.
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