I've been trying to convert FLVs to AVIs using VirtualDub.

I finally got the lips to match.

I'm using FFDshow + FLV Splitter + VirtualDub DirectShow Input Driver 0.5 + Fraunhofer IIS Mp3.

I was getting annoying sounds in the video, so I tried to turn of FFDshow's audio decode of the Mp3 and it works nice in Windows Media Player but is loaded with static in VirtualDub now. I mean the sound and video in WMP are perfect now, but when you use FFDShow, it's zzzz sounds like a drill or something and just other sounds.

Now, how can I get rid of the static and why doesn't it do it in Windows Media Player?

EDIT: Now I'm in a weird place. If I have FFDShow decode with either mp3lib or libmad, it sounds odd in both WMP and VirtualDub. If I let Fraunhofer do it with DirectShow Input Driver, it statics. But if I use an AVISynth script with Fraunhofer it works like a charm. Yet, AViSynth would not A/V sync when I used FFDShow. Even with convertfps.