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    Hi. I am a registered member and just wanted to know if a fix has been made yet for the SVCD2DVD Software so that Pioneer can play the disc?

    Standalone players, Avic N-1...

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  2. (I don't have a Pioneer DVD Player)
    Have you tried to run FixVTS on the created DVD files
    in VIDEO_TS before you burn them ?
    Sometimes that can help

    Start up FixVTS
    Drag and Drop a VOB file on top of the FixVTS window
    Click on the "Full DVD" button
    When it say "DVD Done" you can close down FixVTS
    Now see if the DVD files work, play them in a media player.
    If it's ok, then you can delete any backup directories in the VIDEO_TS directory.
    Now burn the VIDEO_TS directory to DVD with ImgBurn
    (Write files/folders to disc)

    FixVTS -
    ImgBurn -
    Hubba hubba zoot zoot.......... :)
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    I had this problem with svcd2dvd, dvd's I made with svcd2dvd would not play in my standard toshbia dvd player and also my phillips dvd player. but the dvd disc played in my cheap pacific dvd player I purchased from asda.
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  4. I have another tip.
    Try to use the program PgcEdit (before you run FixVTS)
    it is very good to find errors in a newly created DVD.

    PgcEdit -

    Almost all programs I have used for converting different video files
    in to a Video DVD format has errors in it's code.

    And by load the newly created DVD into PgcEdit and then let PgcEdit
    find and correct the errors.
    And then let FixVTS do it stuff on the corrected DVD, then you have
    a DVD that is more likely to work in almost all kind of DVD players.
    (the same goes for ripped DVDs)
    Hubba hubba zoot zoot.......... :)
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