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    Ok, thanks.
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    Originally Posted by [Denniz] View Post
    Baldrick, correct.

    Use Gspot program to check your files.

    1 Any .avi file (DivX or XviD) should NOT use Qpel or GMC to ensure perfect playback. If it does, get other version or re-encode file.

    2 Resolution higher than 720 x 576 will not work. To low resolution will make playback quality bad. For 4:3 no lower than 512 x 384 and for 16:9 no lower than 448 x 336.

    3 Optimum bitrate for a .avi file is 800-1700kbps. To low and quality is bad, to high can give you playback problems. High bitrate gives you problems when playback is from USB memorystick becaus 80% of DVD-players use USB1, it can not handle to high bitrates for playback. Files on a DVD disc can have higher bitrates but this could give playback problems if chipset can not handle it.

    4 Filesize larger than 2Gb will not work. Most USB memorysticks are FAT16 and that gives a limit of 2Gb size per file others use FAT32 and that gives a limit of 4Gb size. For total compatability use 700Mb or 1400Mb size per file. That will work on any dvd-player regardless of how old it is.

    Thats it. Old information but could be of some use for someone having problems.
    If your info is correct, and my conversions work, I am sooooo sending you a kiss, cause you will have answered a q I've been googling for MONTHS!!!!
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  3. There seem to be a lot of us with this issue. Mine WAS intermittent, some files and not others even if converted at the same time AVI files that were perfect elsewhere some simply would not have sound on my USB stick. I did all the testing, converting, etc. Nothing worked. Then it occurred to me that I use that stick a lot. I took the videos off, reformatted the stick all the way - zeroing it out. Put all the same files back on and they now all have sound. Not sure why, but if a video file needs to be broken up on the stick, maybe the machine, unlike the computer, can't connect the sound file. Now I simply reuse the stick until one pops up without sound and reformat end of problem.
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