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    This guide describes how to convert DVD to DV-AVI with optional burned in / permanent / hardcoded subtitles using FREE tools. Useful if your video editing software does not support DVD/MPEG2 editing for example.

    Tools required
    .Net Framework 3
    DVDFab DEcrypter(For commercial DVDs)
    VSRip (If you want subtitles)

    Be sure that you have lots of free HDD space, DV-AVI is huge, about 13 GB/hour.
    Install first .Net Framework 3 and then XviD4PSP.
    If you are going to convert from a commercial DVD then use the free DVDFab Decrypter to rip the DVD to your HDD.
    If you want burned in subtitles then must you use VSRip to rip out the subtitle track from the DVD, read this guide.

    1. Open the DVD by click on the DVD-tab and choose the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD. Select the main movie title.
    2. Choose output format, AVI DV NTSC if your DVD source is in NTSC-format, usually DVDs from US, Canada or AVI DV PAL if your DVD source is PAL-format, usually DVDs from Europe.
    3. Subtitles, choose Subtitles from the menu to load external subtitles from the .idx file you extracted using VSRip(read this).
    4. Last Hit Encode to convert your video to DV-AVI. NOTE! DV-AVI is HUGE, about 13GB/hour so you need a lots of free HDD space.

    Done. Open the DV-AVI in your favorite video editor.

    Start VSRip
    Click Load .IFO and load the .ifo from the VIDEO_TS folder on your DVD that corresponds to the main movie, usually the first VTS_01_0.IFO.
    Click Save To and choose a output folder. Hit Next

    Choose the subtitle track you want extract and add to your video.


    Done. Load the .idx in Xvid4PSP under Subtitle->Add.
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    Thanks for the tutorial. One major problem though:

    Whenever I try to encode my VOB as a DV AVI, the program finishes in 5 seconds! The resulting file is less than 1mb and does not play. What am I doing wrong?

    I've successfully encoded the same VOB file using the default AVI encoder in xvid4psp, however this format is not supported by Premiere Pro CS3. (When I try to import it I get an "unsupported audio rate" error).

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    I am using this article to try and rip DVD's to DV-AVI, and with every setting I try, I get a frame rate of 23.9. I don't understand why, as I am selecting NTSC DV and NTSC DVD. What else can I try?
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    I am having problem with AC3,when I try convert VOB whos having AC3 to AVI DV/PCM audio,I dont get audio.Any solution?
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