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  1. I have noticed that some stickies are a few years old and could use some updating. Maybe every year the "experts" on staff should review stickies and contact the original member and if they are no longer a member consider removing and creating a new sticky if it is really out of date. You could even rotate 2 or 3 three forum categories a month over the year.

    Some stickies have had little or no replies in the past year or two and should be considered for replacement if better and newer information is available

    Other stickies are more current with replies but maybe the original post could be edited by adding a summary of new ideas, tools, links or procedures with edit date at the bottom of the original post.

    Just a suggestion I'm not that good yet to do that, Joey
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    Many of the stickies got pruned recently when the forums were re-organised. Do you have any specific ones in mind that you believe are out of date ? Just because a post is older doesn't necessarily means the information in it is out of date. In many areas the basics still remain true.
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