I have a Proview High Def TV Monitor RX-326. It has no tuner.

I have an excellent outdoor antenna, and would like the antenna as a source of local High Def programs.

One person said to get the Samsung DTB-H260F ATSC Terrestrial Tuner ($170), but for $30 more I was told the Samsung DVD-AR650 Recorder would work fine. The coax from the roof antenna goes to Ant In, and the Ant Out goes to the Proview LCD TV.

But CNet indicates I won't get Hi Def on the Proview from this DVD unit. SEE HERE: http://reviews.cnet.com/dvd-recorders/samsung-dvd-ar650/4505-9141_7-32432864.html

Info on the stand-alone tuner: http://reviews.cnet.com/tv-hdtv-tuners-receivers/samsung-dtb-h260f-hdtv/4505-6487_7-32...tag=prod.txt.1

Which unit should I get ?

Is only the stand-alone tuner capable of providing true high def on the Proview screen ?