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Poll: Do you put your cellphone on vibrate or do you use a ringtone?

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    I used a pager and then a cell phones for many years and always carried on my left pocket. Then, as dcsos mentions, I'd feel a buzzing sensation like my blood was going thru a small area at regular intervals. I checked with my doctor and it was indeed a Phantom Vibrate, After checking further I found where you should alternate sides occasionally if you clip it to your pants pocket for instance,

    May not bother everyone but it is a real thing, courtesy of modern technology. LOL
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  2. My iPhone is always in a vibrating state, when working and also outside of work
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  3. When I work, I set the ringtone to vibrate, but normally I will put a favorite song as my ringtone
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    I use Samsung's default vyzvánění, but when I go to crowded places I often switch it to vibrate mode.
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