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    my husband likes to burn tv show dvd's, but the problem is he likes only 1 or 2 shows off each disk, so he copies only those shows by re-authoring in dvd shrink dragging only his favs over and then backing them up onto the hard drive.
    i want to be able to put each show from the separate folders on 1 dvd, but when i open the file's in my hard drive they show the same IFO file names for each of the different show episodes in each folder.
    how can i change the file names on these IFO files to be able to put them in 1 file so theyre not conflicting as to having the same name .. to burn them all to 1 dvd?

    thank you for any help on this.
    I may still have some questions along with any answers so please be patient

    thanks again
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    Open DVD Shrink, then click on Open Files and open the first episode. Click on Re-Author, then on the DVD Browser tab. Drag the first title across to the left-hand pane. Back on the DVD Browser tab, put down the file list (which should currently read VIDEO_TS and should find you can now browse to the folder for the next episode. Again, drag the title across to the left-hand pane. It doesn't matter if it is also called Title 1, as Shrink will take care of it for you. Repeat until you fill the disc, then click on backup!, and create a new disc with all the episodes on it.

    The only problem with this approach is that you don't get a menu. However it is simpler than demuxing and re-authoring, and if you are little over, Shrink will squeeze it to make it fit.

    Other options include DVD Styler to author, including menus, or VideoRedoTVSuite or Womble Mpeg Wizard DVD, or options that are more complex.
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    Originally Posted by guns1inger
    The only problem with this approach is that you don't get a menu.
    TitleWriter can add a simple menu.
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