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  1. The version of GraphEdit in the TOOLS section is two years old. The TOOLS version needs to be updated!

    New 32 & 64 bit versions can be found here:

    DirectShow GraphEditor - file information: 579 KB - Last Updated February 10th, 2008
    This is Microsoft's DirectShow GraphEdit Tool specifically designed with DirectX 10 support. This version also fully recognizes ffdshow. You can drag n drop any media file (audio or video) onto this tool and it will give you a visual output of the splitters and codecs being used by your computer to play the file. The media file can also be played within the tool. It will also tell you when the codecs required to playback the file are not present on your system. This installation places a shortcut on the desktop to make it easy to drag'n'drop media files onto the shortcut.

    DirectShow GraphEditor for x64 filters/codecs only - file information: 630 KB - Last Updated February 10th, 2008
    Same as the tool above except that this one is specifically designed for x64. An x64 OS is required for this installation
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  2. This information on that site is incorrect/ambiguous...the versions from that website are dated 13 July 2007 (build 070713) and are called "GraphEdit 9". The versions included with the current SDK are dated 27 September 2007 and have a build number of 070927.

    Functionally, there's no difference and the existing version linked via this forum is equivalent.

    All these versions indicate DX10 in the About box but it really doesn't mean much since DirectShow is no longer part of DirectX.
    John Miller
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