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    FYI VERBATIM's nowdays are flakey as well. Don't ever buy the 100 pack spindles of VERBATIM DVD-R because they are terrible. This is well documented at The 50 pack spindles are fine. I ran some quality disc scans on discs from that 100 pack and got scans of "0". Some of the discs played back fine but I had to end up dumping some that wouldn't play at all.
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    Cyberdave wrote:

    If one believes in conspiracies I don't find it hard to believe considering that Pioneer is in the -R camp that they don't fully support all +R media. Unless you believe everything you read.
    Anyway, never forget that the conspiracy-doers themselves are the first ones
    to try to make everybody believe that "conspiracies do not exist because conspiracies cannot exist".
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    Originally Posted by samijubal
    I'm talking recent reviews. Maybe there were fakes a few years ago. The people that are having problems have been within the past year. Some of them say they have been using the discs for years. The reviews were enough to scare me off. I use Verbatim now.
    I've never had any problems with the 8x DVD-R Taiyo Yuden discs I buy at RIMA.COM and I just bought a 100 pack a few weeks ago and so far I've gone through almost 1/3 without issues.

    - John "FulciLives" Coleman
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