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    With TMPGEnc DVD Author I do a DVD with my mpeg files from Sony camera with disk.

    I can read DVD on my computer and on 2 other Philips DVD Player, but other persons cannot
    read my DVD on their DVD Player.

    My Sony files are 9 MB Bitrate and I use standard options with TMPGEnc DVD Author.

    I have already converted Bitrate to 6 MB with TMPGEnc DVD Author, but my DVD
    cannot be read by other.

    some one can give me a help ?
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    It could be a lot of things.

    It could be your media. What brand did you use? Some are better than others.

    It could be that the other people have DVD players that only like DVD-R and you used DVD+R or their players only like DVD+R and you used DVD-R.

    It could be that you burned to DVD+/-RW discs and their DVD players can't play those.

    It could be that you burned to dual layer discs and their older players can't play them correctly. Note that DVD-R DL seems to me to be a lot more incompatible than DVD+R DL.
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