I want to cut a scene from a vob without re-encoding. I know it has to re-encode at the cut points but that doesn't matter as I'm not doing any joining.

Does WMVWD re-encode by default? I noticed under "tools\options\export\video encoder" there is an option for "no re-encoding for bit rate change over VBR files". It is unchecked by default. Should I check this?
What is all the settings for no re-encoding?

I did manage to cut a scene but I'm not sure if I did it right. These are the steps I took:

1. right clicked the "input" window and opened the vob
2. chose the "mark in" and "mark out" points
3. right clicked the "input" window again and selected "add to clips"
4. right clicked the thumbnail of the cut (under the clip tab) and selected "trim clip"
5. saved it as a vob

The result played fine in VLC and MPlayer. I then opened it up in GSpot and noticed under "User Data/Metadata" it reads:

(c) 1998
2007 Womble Multimedia
MPEG Video Wizard (12/2007)
Dec 22 2007

I don't want that embedded in my result. Is there a way to prevent this? If not, then it's not a big deal.