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  1. Hello I have a mp4 video that is 103 MB. It uses the AVC1 Codec and the Audio is AAC.

    The problem is I cannot convert the video to DIVX or mpeg. I would like to watrch the video on TV.

    WHen I open the video using TEMPG Express 4.0, the video.screen is just blank.
    I tried converting using SUPER, same thing, the video stops converting at about 10 MBs and is blank?

    Strangely, when I open the video using VLC media player and Media Player CLassic, the video plays fine.

    But how do I convert it?

    I have ffddshow installed.
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  2. Here is a screen shot from gspot

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    Try Virtualdub with the Qt plugin.
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  4. From another thread
    My solution

    "Well I just tried these two and now I can open MP4 files

    After these two I can open the MP4 files that show as avc1 and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC in Gspot 2.70a in Main Concept 1.4 and DVDSanta 4.0 (Don't laugh it was here). GSPot never shows status as Codec Status Undetermined, however they open both video and audio now. I'll be trying them in TMPGenc Xpress 4 and free later.

    Hope this helps. "
    Good Luck
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  5. Can you give me the steps you took with Media Splitter and Fddshow?
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  6. All I did was install them. I used the latest versions I could find and then both Main Concept and TMPGenc Xpress 4 were able to encode. Gspot still shows as in the picture but I have a suspicion that is because Gspot not using ffdshow.

    The only things I did was make sure that when I installed the media splitter I made sure to check the video types I wanted to use it with.

    And this is my FFDShow configuration. I believe that the top line is the one that does the trick.

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  7. Damn, I instaleed both softewares and restarted the computer, but TEMPEG Express still won;t show the video. The audio comes in fine.

    Can I upload the video and have you folks mess around with it? I jsut want to convert the video from MP4 to DIVX avi.
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    Get Dr. Divx and try it. It's free and I think it's pretty easy for inexperienced people to use it. Do note that unless you buy the commercial Divx codec at that Dr. Divx does restrict you to some lower quality settings. Try it and if it works then you can consider whether you need to buy the commercial Divx codec or not. I like TMPGenc generally, but I am kind of skeptical about using it for Divx encoding. Note that Dr. Divx has a profile called Home Theater that will encode with options that are well suited to playing Divx files on DVD players. It doesn't use any of the options that some players don't support well if at all.
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  9. When you open the video in Xpress does ffshow pop up and ask you if you wnat to use it never, onece etc.?

    When you installed it there is an option that could be the problem I suspect. I know on mine it pops up asking if I want to use it once, always and so on.

    As a test can windows media player play the file now?
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  10. Dr.Divx did it! I don't know how, but it worked. Thank you all!
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  11. DVD Flick worked when I tested it too. Of course that was for MP4 to DVD.
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  12. It took me about 3 hrs today to find the software and still did not find it! I will take your suggestion and try it. This is what I wanted to do. I downloaded HD traillers from youtube and tried to convert them to DVD to see the quality on hdtv on DVD player. I almost tried for a week and the only player and encoder I found was GOM plyer/encoder. The encoder is not free. Now I will try your suggestion and if it works well thanks very much.
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  13. DVD Flick did it!!! Thanks guys. You just put an end to my search with this great piece of software. Believe me I have been trying to convert those AVC1 encoded youtube HD videos for a week and wasted many hours downloading and trying different softs. Whoever wrote this software is a genius. The quality is amazing and esay interface and free.
    I used to use Pazeera softwares to convert youtube videos and they are realy the best free softwares but couldn't convert this one with AVC1 codec. It feels good to get help when you realy need it. Thanks guys.

    **To open AVC1 encoded files in DVD Flick you click on add title first and when a window opens in the files of type drop down menu select all files to see and select the AVC1 encoded videos.
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