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    Would appreciate if somebody could help on this bit?

    Got original DVD [if of interest "The Usual Suspects"]; DVD has subtitles in English, and I would like to add some more subtitles in other languages; idea is to keep everything what DVD has and just add the languages and couple of buttons in the menu with names of these languages.

    DVD Remake Pro helps me with removing what I do not like on DVD and splitting it to 2 DVD-5's, simple program, easy to work with, however does not have a features of adding buttons and adding subtitles

    Please shoot ...

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  2. Hi,

    Adding the subs into the DVD is fairly easy. Baldrick outlines 2 methods here (I prefer the 2nd one):

    Editing the menu to add in the names of the 2 new languages is also fairly easy. I've created a guide here (if a static menu, scroll to The Easy Way at the bottom):

    Adding the buttons is far and away the hardest part. You'll have to follow the full guide to which I just linked, extract the SubPics (DVDSubEdit is the best way), edit them to add in the 2 new language names (some PhotoEditing program), add them back into the menu (DVDSubEdit again), and finally, add in the new buttons with the proper commands (PGCEdit). This is a fairly complex job, and you might decide to be content with just being able to use the remote control to get to the subtitles. You can even set one of them to be the default sub pretty easily, if you wish.
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