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  1. I've extracted the content of a DVD-VIDEO to be playable on a computer.
    and later back up the extracted movie on a DVD+R as a data disc.
    Should I extract the movie with DVDShrink as a large single file or as multiple smaller sizes?
    Quality wise, which is preferable?
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    I'm not sure what you are asking? Since you apparently plan on creating a data disc at some point, I assume you are not using the DVD format after extraction. It wouldn't matter much for quality if it was one file or a bunch of smaller files. But the smaller files would make the video harder to play and may cause problems if you want to join them later.

    I use DVD Fab HD Decrypter for the decryption, then VOB2MPG to extract to one large MPEG file. Or you could run it through Shrink instead, then use VOB2MPG if you wanted a single MPEG file in a smaller size.

    But that seems a bit of work unless you plan to do something with the MPEG file. Easier would just be to Shrink them and keep them in the DVD format, then use a player that can play that format, whether from your hard drive or a DVD disc.
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