1. I can transcode from RV9 but not RV10 on my iMac Intel (iMac4,1 - Intel Core Duo)
2. I can transcode from RV10 but not RV9 on my MacBook Pro (MacBookPro2,2 - Intel Core 2 Duo)!!

I'm using the Intel Mencoder RealLib library to transcode the RV videos. both computers are running 10.5.2.

I used File Buddy to compare the ffmpegX packages and Application Support/ffmpegX folders on both computers and they're identical.

can anyone explain the anomaly?

I need transcoding from both RV9 and RV10 so I'm fortunate to have this wacky situation.

for the record though, some of the RV10 videos have 2 tracks (bi-lingual) and ffmpegX can only 'see' the first track. as luck would have it, I need the other track <g>