I've been using MPC for years to play WMV files online in Windows 2000 with IE6 but since I installed XP, I cannot play WMV files online with MPC. Every time I click on a link, a dowload window pops up asking me where I want to download the file. I don't want to download the file. I want to play it in my browser.

I can play the files with Windows Media Player but I don't like all the buffering or the limitations. With MPC in W2K, I was able to have 10 files downloading to a temporary folder at once and was able to play the files in my browser and save the files if I chose to do so once I viewed the files. I don't have these capabilities with MPC since installing XP and Windows Media Player.

Here's the error I get...

Solved: Rolled back WMP11 and reinstalled deselecting all file types.