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    My OEM Pioneer DVR-104 in my 5 year old (or so) Sony Vaio Desktop has decided to write illegible gibberish - me thinks, as standard files cannot be read off disks written with it.

    History: I ran my FS9 game disk in it until mid-winter, when attempting to load the game caused the computer to re-boot.

    More recently, I experienced problems writing photo jpeg files to CD to share with a friend - the disks were unreadable - in my machine and hers. I checked and reloaded drivers.

    I did note a driver - GEARAspiWDM.sys - searched Google - and found mention of a possible conflict with this iTunes driver. I then tried writing an audio disk with iTunes, and the disk plays just fine, but I need this drive as an all around - not just audio.

    I'd been using this drive with both iTunes, and Windows, for over a year, without fault, but...

    So, I un-installed iTunes. This made no difference - I still can't write standard files to CD.
    I then found myself knee deep in disassembling the drive, made sure the lens was clean, and re-installed...

    No difference. So, I'm assuming the drive is tired and needs replacing. ?
    Odd, however, iTunes was still writing to this drive flawlessly...

    Sorry this is lengthy, and wordy, but - that's my story - not sure what else to try, but to replace it, and hope that solves the problem.

    So - any help on the above - great - and otherwise:

    The old DVR-104 connection is listed as ATAPI-5
    The new DVR-115D is listed as ATA-7

    Will I have to buy some new cable, or something (as a downtown tech tried to convince me today - I'm assuming he simply wants me to pay HIM to install it)

    ...or will I simply be able to 'plug and play' this device where the old one was?

    Thanks for the help - helps allot!

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    newer ide optical drives like the 115 will need an 80 wire cable. the old ones used 40 wires. the new cable is the same as used on newer ide hard drives. they sell for a couple bucks. and make sure you set the jumper to match the setting on the drive you replace.
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