Hey all....

Im working on coverting some mkv files to avi, and I want to hardsub the subtitles using the .ass file included in the mkv.

Midzuki recomended Aegisub on the forums, and it seems to be great software. Now it seems that Aegisub will not write the subtitles over the video for me, it seems I need to use an avisynth script in something like VDubMod to do that for me. If that assumption is correct, is there anyway to get Aegisub to generate that script for me? I have no experience with avisynth scripts, but Ive seen the options to import the scripts in vdub.

Or, does anyone have any easier ways to accomplish hardsubbing with this software? Ive used the filters in VdubMod, and Ive also added the subs in alltoavi, and both while adequate....were not preferable.

Thanks in advance