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    Hi All,

    I have some TS files for some High Def movies and want to convert them to MKV. I am new to this whole thing but have been doing quite a lot of trial and error as well as reading forums etc...

    My first question straight off the bat is... If I demux the audio and video streams straight from the TS container and mux them into an MKV container would the MKV filesize be small that the TS file? ie. Does the container type effect the compression or do you need to reencode the video stream to reduce the size?

    I haven't had any luck getting these from TS to MKV. I have used all the GUI based automated type applications from this site (Ripbot, Staxrip, AutoMKV etc...) but haven't had any luck. Some of the applications used DGIndex to demux the streams however when they start the MKV application that comes with an error about not being able to determine the PIDs. I have been into the Stream menu in DGIndex and set the PIDs myself but this just doesn't work.

    The second thing I tried was to demux the audo stream and then get Staxrip to do the video from the TS but use the audio from the ac3 file I had demuxed. This work and I got an MKV file output at about the filesize I wanted but still at great looking quality but the audio was way out of sync with the video.
    I tried demuxing the audio and video streams out of the TS and then using those files to mux into an MKV file however the video stream was a VC-1 file and the app I was using couldn't use this type of stream.

    Staxrip and AutoMKV look to be really good I just can't make DGIndex work...

    I am running Vista 64bit, woul;d this maybe be why I am having so many issues?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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