Hello I would ask that how can i professionally convert these files into mkv.
I using avisynth with megui so if can please send me avisynth scripts.
I am a beginner so I can write my own.
I using this, but I think someone can me send more qualityer script.

DGDecode_mpeg2source("D:\Downloads\Clip\1080i.d2v" ,cpu=4,info=3)
Load_Stdcall_Plugin("C:\Program Files\megui\tools\yadif\yadif.dll")
crop( 6, 0, -2, 0)
LanczosResize(1280,720) # Lanczos (Sharp)

This is a 59.94 FPS file and how can I convert to 29 or 23 fps?
And how can I correct colors in the video, and remove blocks.