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  1. Hi guys!
    I'm trying to create video presentation for a family meeting with PowerDirector but i have a lil problem.

    i took some family pictures, some background music (nothing out of the ordinary),
    set it all together to get an .Avi file encoded with XviD MPEG-4 video and MPEG Layer 3 audio,
    and when i tried to play the video there's no sound - only video.
    i also tried to play it in VLC Media Player and yet - only video - no sound.
    don't know what i did wrong...

    here's what i've picked for audio:

    i'll also mention that when i choose PCM audio WMP plays it perfectly, video AND audio,
    so its either audio encoder or audio codec problem,
    i just cant figure it out,
    cause i've never had any problem playing Lame MP3 audio encoded movies before.

    also BS Player couldn't play the video i created.
    WMP did play it...
    i'm just wondering why is that?
    is it because BS Player insist using its own internal filters instead of FFDShow's filters?
    and if it is - how come BS Player can play XviD files which came from the web pretty well and yet cant play
    the XviD files i'm creating with PowerDirector?

    here's what i've picked for video:

    here's a picture of the error massage i get whenever trying to load video which created
    by PowerDirector as mentioned above:

    here's video details:

    the original video length is 43Min 46Sec,
    the picture above is only a part of it,
    so don't mind it...

    any help would be much appreciated!
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Try create an avi xvid with lame mp3 using virtualdub or autogk and see if they work better. If they do it's something wrong with powerdirector. I would maybe then export to uncompressed / lagarith avi using powerdirector and then convert to avi xvid using autogk.
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  3. thanks for your help Baldrick,
    this is what i did,
    i created an avi file with PCM audio using PowerDirector,
    then loaded it on VD, compressed the audio to Lame MP3 (video set to DirectStreamCopy) and save it.
    and it worked.

    about the other problem (BS Player wont open the AVi file):
    i just find out that now BS wont open none of the avi files i have...
    even those he opened yesterday and the day before...
    ever since i tried to open that PowerDirector's AVI file with BS - the error massage start appearing,
    i guess trying to opening PowerDirector's AVI file kinda disrupt BS...
    had to install it all over again and restart my PC just to watch video with it again.

    anyway - one last q,
    does the codec name mean anything?
    does it matter (when it comes to Player compatibility) in this way or another?
    cause i also noticed that after reinstalling the XviD codec (one of my desperate attempt to make things work with PD) suddenly every avi file gets other codec name...
    at first it was XviD ISO MPEG-4 (as shown in picture above),
    and now its XviD 1.1.2 (though i have Xvid 1.1.3 installed).

    thanks in advanced...
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    I cant even get into that "Video/Audio Settings" tab, as soon as I click it, PD auto-crashes out!!!

    Can anyone help me? Where is best to seek advice i got Vista and the latest version.
    "Youth is wasted on the young."
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    I'm seriously starting to hate Windows. I had this same issue and no one from support could tell me anything other than "Microsoft has banned products from using MP3 (LAME) since Windows Vista. Mind you, I've used other products which use MP3 as audio output and they have they each install LAME and use it. The MP3 in PD sucks, it's limited to 24hz. If your MP3s are sampled at a 44/48hz like mine, PD will NOT downsample to the only available sound options you show! You'll get the video nice and crisp, but you'll get no audio each time. Sometimes, you to go click the file, and the video can't be read by Windows Media, but the sound can. WTF? If you go to VLC the video can be seen perfectly, but no sound. Ultimately, Cyberlink is playing politically correct and other vendors are not- for instance Ulead Visual Studio has no problems what so ever with this and I'm using Windows 7! I'm getting my refund and sticking with ULEAD VX2!
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