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  1. Hi,

    I got several old films (super8) transfered into a big Mpeg file.

    Now I want to split the file into smaller ones, each containing a "scene" and save every part ("scene")
    into a single file. I do not want to cut off parts.
    In fact I want to set for example 20 cut points and want to get 20 mpeg files, or set 20 regions and get 20 files.

    I got lots of programs to cut OFF a part of a video (advertisement) and save the rest (like mpgetcut) ,
    but with that I have to reload the file over and over (up to 50 times / mpeg file)
    My Magix video deluxe allows me setting chapters but to jump and save each parts is annoying (too many clicks)

    Does anybody know a program to do this ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Ulead videostudio (above v7 ... se's in ebay)

    There's a few others in the tools section which work well, but you always need to identify requirement's such as .net, which is painful enough exercise to go through each time ... needs version 1.4xxxxx, when 2+ is already installed, not too pretty... Cuttermaran being one.

    Mpeg2Schnitt ... worked well, but demux mpegs required, thats easy enough with batchdemux, or if you know a bit about graphedit functions
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