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  1. I really like the Menu tool. It produces the best looking output of
    the uncomplicated menu tools I've tried. So I was wondering if you
    had any plans to produce a stand-alone menu tool or add a feature
    to enable adding a menu to an existing VIDEO_TS set without
    reencoding? It would be a nice feature. I hate using the
    Display=>title select buttons on my stand-alone player.
    It's like you have to push the button quickly before it bails out
    on you!! Way too much stress!!!
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  2. You could use VOB2MPG to extract the video and import it to SVCD2DVD as an asset, then make your menu. To avoid re-encoding, use a single or dual layer disc as apprpriate to the source.

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  3. Reasonable work-around. I still think it would be a cool tool. Maybe a good
    selling point to suck people in, er, I mean, interest them in using SVCD2DVD
    if they're not familiar with it. A lot of freeware tools do a pretty good
    job of converting avi to dvd or whatever but the menus they produce
    are usually either hideous, or take too many steps to fabricate.

    That was one of the few things I really liked about Nero 6.x was the ease of
    adding menus to an already encoded VCD. Similar to how SVCD2DVD does
    it afa either a text button or slide through the video and pick out a frame
    for a graphic button.

    Just a suggestion.
    Fully enabled freeware for Windows PCs.
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