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  1. i had a similar problem ended up the laser went bad ordered NEW from panasonic so i thought,they sent a rebuilt one and said it was new ,you could tell from the rub marks on the screw holes and drive .It gets better I find a note in the box that they want the old drive back or ready for this a core charge will be applied to my card ? now i don't know about any body else but when i order new and pay a premium price i expect new with no core charge. I called them and explained the problem the girl said oh you want a new one i said well yes thats what i paid for she made a note on my acct and another about o core sent a shipping return label but will not send a new one until they get that one back ummm they have my cc number? poor business practices from them this is just a fyi to watch what you get look at it closely and complain .
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  2. JJeff's up/down channel reset fixed my problem. I record on DVDRW disks, then insert disk in my laptop - copy the raw video over, (then edit with MPEG Video Wizard).

    Anyway on the Panasonic, I was suddenly getting the message "UNFORMAT" on the front panel. Attempting to format resulted in "failed format". I thought it was my old scratched up disks until getting the same result from new ones. Then found the post on how to reset by holding up/down channel buttons for 10 seconds. Presto!

    Thanks folks!
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  3. I had my DMR-EZ37V for about 5 years and hadn't had time to use it. I just pulled it out and the DVD would not read. What I found once I took the top off the machine and then the top off DVD, was the packing ring was still in the DVD. I removed it and it worked like a champ.
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