Hi All,

I'm trying to capture a video stream from a website which uses a URL for streaming something similar to this:


I'm neither able to play this separately in WMP11, nor with any of the other video players. The movie can be played only from within the browser inside the wmp plugin. I'm not even able to capture/record the video. Tried using webvideocapture, but it could not record more than 5secs, and moreover the size for 5sec itself was around 100mb.

I saw that IE stores the video as a dat file in Temporary Internet Files directory under C:\Documents and Settings\...\LocalSettings, but even that is not play'able. I even tried copying that, but that too didn't work. Is there anyway to capture and store this video on disk for offline viewing?

Usually if I copy paste the url of the video in WMP, it used to work, but this one seems strange. Can someone pls help me in resolving this?