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  1. Hi all this is my setup below:

    core duo E6600 @2.7ghz, 3Gb ram windows vista 32 home premium, nvidia G8800 GTS 320mb 2x DVI/VGA and one component out 'doggle'! TV: sony D3000 (40" LCD) ~1360x768. Currently connected via pc -> VGA -> tv VGA @ 60hz

    As per the thread title i am currently viewing xvid, x264 etc through the pc to TV via MPC or VLC player. With PMC i use Haali's splitter or FFdshow. For years i put xvids through DIKO to dvd for upscaling that way, but now i am getting fed up with all the dvd's lying around!

    Anyway what is the best settings for ffdshow in MPC for it to upscale the xvids to the tv screen? everything is nice and smooth, so it is just the quality i would like to try and up alittle bit. From what i've read on here i need to change the resize and aspect tabs, and perhaps the postprocessing tab as well? Also would nvidia purevideo help me here as well?

    Appreciate any help folks. Thanks again
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  2. Thanks baldrick i'll give that a read.
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