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  1. I'm trying to utilize the PowerDVD v7.3 h264 decoder as a directshow filter so my media applications can use it without installing the whole PowerDVD suite. I tried registering it manually as regsvr32.exe and also using radlight, but the decoder shows up as a splitter in g-spot instead of a decoder.

    I'm using Haali Media Splitter as my .mkv splitter. The whole process works fine with CoreAVC as the decoder, but obviously you don't get hardware acceleration with it.

    Is there a way to change properties in the system so it recognizes as a decoder instead of a splitter?
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  2. I managed to get it to work by registering in the original Cyberlink/VideoFilter folder with all the .dll's there. Now it decodes my h.264 files in windows media player with hardware acceleration for those encoded properly.
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